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Italian Canadian Sports Federation (ICSF)

The Italian Canadian Sports Federation (ICSF) was founded in 1979 with a mission to use soccer as a means of bringing together the Italian Community. The founders of the ICSF worked very hard to organize Italian youth soccer in East Vancouver. Many of our founders now have their grandchildren playing here as they continue to support the ICSF and the next generation of players.

The ICSF is now a multicultural organization with a vision to bring the youth soccer community together to learn all aspects of the "Beautiful Game". Our dedicated coaches and volunteers ensure that all players, regardless of ability, learn the skills needed to become better soccer players as they get older.

Website: http://www.icsfclub.com/


Jamie Cirotto, Youth Chair
Phone: 778-987-2922

Don Faccone, Co-Chair
Phone: 604-417-4998

Silvia Scaccia, Secretary
Phone: 604-220-2025

Updated for 2016-2017