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Just a Little of Vancouver Youth Soccer's History

..the more things change the more they remain the same.


Vancouver Youth Soccer became an entity in 1949 under a number of names: Vancouver District Juvenile Soccer Association (VDJSA), Vancouver & District (V&D) and finally settled with Vancouver Youth Soccer Association (VYSA).Throughout the following "notes" you will notice acronyms such as BCJSA (BC Juvenile Soccer Association) and BCYSA (BC Youth Soccer Association). These all refer to our present day Provincial body whose name is BC Soccer Association (BCSA).

In previous generations minutes were hand written into an 8.5" by 14" ledger book and these were kept and passed from secretary to secretary. Unfortunately those ledgers with the minutes from 1949 to 1964 have gone missing. By compiling snippets from the existing ledgers, and the more recent electronic minutes, we are able to include them for record on our district website as this will serve as another way of saving our history...